Astrology and your fate
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Rays from all the planets in the solar system reach the earth and the same have effect on human beings.

Jyotishaam Sooryaadi Grahaanaa Bodhakam Shastram - The science that studies the effect of different planets on human beings is called Astrology. Through it one can know about future events and the malefic and benefic influence of different heavenly bodies.

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When shall luck favour me? This is generally the first question that arises in the mind when showing one's horoscope to the astrologer. Or one might wish to know when a favourable change would take place in one's life. Although one's actions are quite important in life but without luck even hard work can prove futile. You can study your won horoscope and know about your life from it. The objective behind publication of this article is to make the readers self aware. One should not follow the dictate of Baabaa Vaakyam Pramannam i.e. one should not consider the astrologer's words to be final. You can yourself study your horoscope and know about your stars.

But for this one should at least have some basic knowledge of the horoscope. A horoscope has twelve houses and each house is called a Bhaav. In each house a number is written from one to twelve. The number in a house represents the sun sign. In the houses are situated nine planets. Some astrologers also include Uranus and Pluto in the horoscope. But actually there effect is not so marked. Generally a horoscope contains nine planets only.

Just open your horoscope and observe the number written in its houses. Each number symbolises a sign.

1. Aries

2. Taurus

3. Gemini

4. Cancer

5. Leo

6. Virgo

7. Libra

8. Scorpio

9. Sagittarius

10. Capricorn

11. Aquarius

12. Pisces

Each sign has a Lord which are as follows.

Sun - Leo

Moon - Cancer

Mars - Aries and Scorpio

Mercury - Gemini and Virgo

Jupiter - Sagittarius and Pisces

Venus - Taurus and Libra

Saturn - Capricorn and Aquarius

Ketu - Sagittarius

Rahu - Gemini

The twelve houses of the horoscope represent special aspects of life. The Lord of the sign in a particular house is the Lord of that house. For example if in the first house of the horoscope the number 3 has been written i.e. the sign is Gemini then because the Lord of Gemini is Mercury hence the Lord of the house is also Gemini. The same shall apply for the other houses.

In a horoscope with Gemini ascendent the Lord of the first house is Mercury. The number in the second house is 4 and hence the Lord is Moon, in the third house is 5 i.e. Leo and hence the Lord is Sun, in the fourth house is 6 and hence Lord is Mercury, fifth Lord is Venus, sixth Lord is Mars, seventh Lord is Jupiter, eight and ninth is Saturn, tenth is Jupiter, eleventh is Mars and twelfth is Venus.

Effect of different houses

From each house different aspects of human life can be studied. Here it is being revealed what all we can study from each house.

First house

From the house we can know about the physique, early life, childhood, health, character, physical build, complexion, virtues, will power, fame, beauty, age, comforts and sorrows, mind, physical frame, nature and one's inclinations. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Virgo signs are good in this house.

Second house

Wealth, paternal property, family, friends, cattle, imprisonment, captivity, eyes, nose, voice, beauty, singing, love, comforts, savings, sale and purchase, brokerage, food, artistic tendencies, habits, reason of death, accidents, selfishness, personality and secrets are studied from the second house.

Third house

Younger sisters and brothers, servants, courage, valour, trade, perseverance, ornaments, bravery, patience, asthama, kidney, cough, breath problems, Prannayam, Yogic tendencies, cleverness, nephews and nieces and other family relations are studied from this house.

Fourth house

Mind, peace, family life, motherly love, home, village, vehicles, friends, relatives, houses, property, gardens, stomach ailments, entertainment, deceit, kindness, affection, land related matters, neck and shoulders are studied from this house. This house in particular relates to the mother and vehicles. Cancer, Pisces and Capricorn are the favourable signs here.

Fifth house

Education, children, grandfather, skills, feelings, fame, brains, managerial skills, humbleness, womb, losing a job, means of earning wealth, sudden monetary gains like lottery or gambling, digestive power, virtues, eloquence and worldly aspects are studied from this house.

Sixth house

Enemies, worries, diseases, quarrels, law suits, wounds from knife, subordinates, harm, maternal uncle, maternal grandfather, pain, debts, misunderstandings, sorrows, ailments and wrong actions are studied from this house.

Seventh house

Spouse, health of spouse, love, sex life, daily jobs, pleasures, problems related to sex life, ailments of sex organs, business, marriage, love affairs, success or failure in love, beauty, appearance, character and complexion of the spouse, divorce, differences among husband and wife, business partners, diplomacy, happiness, death and problem of pile are studied from this house. Scorpio sign is strong here.

Eighth house

Age, mental tension, death, love for archaeology, settling abroad, secret plans, savings, buried treasures, knowledge of past lives, life after death, debts, wars, loss of wealth, cause of death, untimely death, lowliness, downfall, travel by sea, sex disorders are studied from this house.

Ninth house

Fortune, righteousness, religious inclinations, change of faith, glimpse of the Divine, Guru, Sadhana, divine help, virtues, travelling on pilgrimage, father, luxuries, mental build up, travel by air, charity, Yagnas, grandchildren, kindness, fame, leadership, duty, sincerity are studied from this house. The planets Sun and Jupiter are favourable if placed here.

Tenth house

State, fame, job, retirement, respect, father, benefits from father, business, father's job, respect in the society, authority, rights, luxuries, pleasures, profits, nature of job, office cadre, State job, foreign tours, self confidence, knowledge and style of life are studied from this house. Here the signs Aries, Taurus and Leo are considered strong.

Eleventh house

Profits, earnings, fulfillment of needs, secret wealth, ornaments, clothes, vehicles, cattle, travel by air, elder brothers and sisters and their numbers, gains from them and free and independent thinking are studied from this house.

Twelfth house

Losses, charity, spending, punishment, fine, bad habits, relations with outside world, enmity, eye problems, extravagance, sudden losses, emancipation and death are studied from this house.

The above mentioned aspects of life can be studied from the respective houses.

In brief we can say that we can study the personality from the first house, wealth from the second brothers and sisters from the third, mother from the fourth, education and children from the fifth, enemies from the sixth, spouse from the seventh, age from the eighth, fortune from the ninth, work from the tenth, earnings from the eleventh and spending from the twelfth.

Ninth - house of fortune

By studying the following we can know about the ninth house.

The ninth house, its sign, planets placed in the ninth, planets aspecting the ninth, sign occupied by the ninth Lord, planets aspecting the ninth Lord, significator of the ninth house, Dasa, Antardaasa of the ninth Lord etc.

For example in a horoscope with Cancer ascendent the number in the ninth house is 12 i.e. the sign is Pisces. Its Lord is Jupiter. Hence the Lord of this house too is Jupiter. For the person with this horoscope Jupiter shall rule his fortune throughout his life.

What is the effect of placement of different planets in the ninth house is being revealed here.


If Sun is in the ninth house the person is of medium height, has a wide chest, large forehead and beautiful eyes. Such a person loves his family and has novel thoughts. As Sun aspects the third house from here the person is brave and hard working. He understands the value of hard work and keeps persevering even in adverse circumstances. His childhood is generally not very happy. He has to struggle hard for education and a job. He travels a lot and fortune smiles on him after he is 24.


Moon is favourable if placed in the ninth. Such an individual is a self made man. Fortune always favours him and he comes out shining through adversities. He has the quality of leadership. He is able to assess the situation and act according to the situation. The middle age is most successful. Such a person is a terror for enemies. Adversaries fear to face him. He also travels a lot. He is religious minded and participates in such activities. He can be successful as a politician. He is wealthy, kind, humble and wise.


If Mars is positioned in the ninth house the person is courageous, hard working and persevering. He makes good progress in life. If Mars is in enemy sign he can become prey to diseases. Fortune is not so good especially in the early years. He has to struggle hard to make a living. If Mars is in its own sign or exaltion then his fortune is really good. He has interest in studies and he can be a successful journalist, writer, publisher or novelist. He has a good character and leads a simple life.


Mercury in the ninth house makes a person wise and humble. He is hard working and very popular.

He makes good progress in life. He has to face many obstacles and conspiracies in life. But he overcomes them with a smile on his lips. He becomes successful after the 17th year. He enjoys all comforts in life. He possesses many vehicles. His family life is happy and successful.


If Jupiter is in the ninth it is considered very favourable. Such a person rises high in life even if born in an ordinary family. He has an impressive personality and he easily wins the hearts of others. He can be a very successful politician. He has the qualities of leadership and management. He is kind even to his adversaries. He does not lose his temper easily rather he has a peaceful nature. His family life is happy.


If Venus is in the ninth house the person leads a luxurious life. Yet he has a balanced life as well. He becomes successful in life after the 22nd year. Childhood is spent in happiness. But in the middle part of his life he has to struggle hard.

Through hard work however he is able to turn the fortune in his favour. He likes to travel and travels far and wide in his lifetime. He has orthodox religious beliefs. He has a happy and successful married life. He is very virtuous and becomes famous in middle age.


If Saturn is in the ninth the person is eloquent and politically inclined. He has an ordinary childhood. But when he grows up through his skills he changes his luck and progresses in life. He always keeps his goal in mind and carries out his work with great patience.

He has to struggle for education and to get a job. But he is hard-working. He understands the value of hard work and progresses by virtue of his perseverance. Luck favours him and he gets to travel a lot.


Rahu in the ninth house brings good luck. Such an individual remains conscious of his rights and he follows the orders of his superiors with great care. His family life is happy.


If Ketu is in the ninth the person surely enters into the political arena and achieves success in it. He becomes successful in middle age. The very special virtue of this person in that he succeeds and becomes famous even when the circumstances do not favour him.

There are various ups and downs in life but he never waivers from his goal. He keeps endeavouring to achieve his aim. He travels a lot. He easily overcomes all opposition and becomes successful in politics.

Along with the planets posited in the ninth house one should also study the position of the Lord of ninth house. For example in a horoscope with Gemini ascendent the ninth house has Aquarius sign and the Lord is Saturn. So whenever Saturn shall be exhalted or in its own sign he shall rise in life. Or in the Mahadasa of Saturn he shall make good progress in life. Also in the Antardasa of Saturn in Mahadasa of other planets he shall shine in life.

If friendly planets aspects the ninth house it is considered very good. To improve one's fortune a person should surely chant the Mantra pertaining to the Lord of the ninth house.

According to the rules of astrology a chance to improve one's luck always manifests in every person's life. If one knows about this period in one's life one can try harder to change one's luck.

Some special combinations for good lucks

1. If the Lord of seventh or Venus is in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th house the person becomes successful after marriage.

2. If Lord of ninth house is Sun then success comes after 22nd year.

3. If Lord is Moon in 24th year.

4. If Lord is Mars in 28th year.

5. If Lord is Mercury in 32nd year.

6. If Lord is Jupiter in 16th year.

7. If Lord is Venus then success comes in 25th year.

8. If Lord is Saturn then in 36th year.

9. If Lord is Rahu or Ketu in 42nd year.

Fortune has great influence on one's life and besides being hard working one should also have good luck in order to succeed in life.

Note: In the next issues we shall bring out an article elucidating the mutual relationships of various planets, the effect of their aspects and the combinations for marriage. The readers can study their horoscopes on their own and know about their luck.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan November 2000 '82'

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