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Make your life successful through these five amazing Yantras in form of rings.

Chhatisa Yantra - for victory over enemies

Choubisa Yantra - for gain of wealth

Kaamdev Yantra - for pleasures, hypnotism

Gandharva Yantra - for early marriage and success in love

Saraswati Yantra - for progress

Matsyendranath was the Guru of Gorakhnath. He created the amazing Sabar Sadhanas and presented to the people of his times very easy Sadhanas. His chief disciple was Gorakhnath who started the Gorakh sect which is also called the Sabar sect. The Guru of Sabar Sadhaks is Lord Shiva and they perform all Sadhanas by worshipping and offering prayers to Lord Shiva. The Sadhanas given by Guru Gorakhnath are to this day very effective and powerful.

A life full of sorrows, poverty, frustration is no life. Life should be full of all colours, in the present issue we are presenting vital information about some amazing rings wearing which one can make life very successful.

Hand is said to be the reflection of one's life and hence it is said in a verse -

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi Kar Madhye Saraswati. Kar Prishtthe Sthitou Brahmaa Prabhaate Kar Darshanam.

There has been deep research going on and it has been concluded that at the base of each finger there are so many nerves which are directly linked to the brain. In different individuals different nerves are active. The effect of this can be seen clearly in one's life. For example the forefinger is related to relations with the state, writing, success in examinations and progress in life. Middle finger is related to finance, trade, fate, victory over enemies, courage and one's personality. Ring finger is related to love, marriage, sweetness in life, attraction, fame and respect. Small finger is linked to feelings, pleasures, comforts and hypnotism.

Guru Gorakhnath had clearly stated that if a person wears a Yantra in form of a ring in the fingers then the Yantra brings about a desirable effect on the nerves and thus the mind of the person remains ever active and conscious.

The great significance of Yantras has been accepted by all ancient texts. Shree Yantra is famous all over the world and even the scientists in the West have accepted that Shree Yantra is an amazing instrument and it has the capability of pulling wealth. Similarly Kuber Yantra, Kanakdhara Yantra, Shatru Stambhan Yantra are also very important. In the past thousands of years great kings and queens have worn Yantras in form of rings and have thus attained to amazing levels of success in life. Among the very powerful Yantras are Choubisa, Chhatisa etc. If these Yantras are made on pure metals and then Mantra energised their effect is sure and unfailing.

It has been the experience of thousands of Sadhaks that if these Yantras are in form of rings and are worn in the fingers then the desired effect manifests instantly. If worn with devotion and not allowed to become impure soon one gets amazing results. I have tried these Yantras many times in my life and each time I got the desired success.

It has been the experience of thousands of Sadhaks that if these Yantras are in form of rings and are worn in the fingers then the desired effect manifests instantly. If worn with devotion and not allowed to become impure soon one gets amazing results.

Chhatisa Yantra - for victory over enemies

Chhatisa Chhatisa Kyaa Kare Jagdeeshaa

In the Naath sect this saying is very famous which means that a person who wears a Chhatisa Yantra in a finger cannot be harmed even by the Lord above.

Chhatisa Yantra is very special. One might add up any row in it each time the total comes to 36. This is why, its significance is very great. This ring must be worn in the middle finger. If the ring is worn the whole day then soon one becomes capable of defeating all enemies. Not only is a person able to attain victory over the enemies rather the enemies bow in his presence. If one goes to the court to attend the hearing of some case then sure enough things turn out in one's favour. If the judge happens to see the ring in his finger he decides the case in his favour. Those who fear action from state side especially in relation to income tax, sales tax, excise or fear the enemies should surely wear this wonderful ring. If there are obstacles and problems in life then too this ring should be worn.

The Chhatisa Yantra inscribed on the ring not just looks beautiful rather it also psychologically influences others. By wearing this ring the life can be made free of problems, fear and tensions.

Besides, the same ring proves very helpful in rise of trade and change of one's fortune. In fact this ring is the true fortune of life.

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Choubisa Yantra - for gain of wealth

Yantra Pahin Choubisaa Dhan, Sukh, Bhaag Aneesaa

i.e. One who wears a Choubisaa Yantra in form of a ring in the finger starts to gain wealth from unexpected sources. One is then able to gain wealth, pleasures, prosperity and all comforts in life.

The special feature of this ring is that once it is worn one is able to make amazing financial progress in life. The whole atmosphere around becomes such that new sources of wealth start to appear. One is able to establish contacts with wealthy and influential people and thus able to enjoy all pleasures and comforts of life.

According to Guru Gorakhnath Choubisa and Bisa Yantra both have the same effect. In the present age of Kaliyug both are very significant and should be worn in the middle finger of the left hand.

I have myself experienced the amazing effect of the ring. If one's money is stuck somewhere then just wearing it helps its recovery. Another special feature of the Yantra is that if one is under debt then wearing the ring helps one get rid of the same. If the business is not able to pick up then by wearing the ring it takes off. If one is launching some new venture then too this Yantra can be very helpful. For increasing sales, boosting the trade and for inflow of wealth too the Yantra can be very helpful. In fact in the present age of Kaliyug this Yantra can be as boon bestowing as the divine wish tree Kalptaru.

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Kaamdev Yantra - for pleasures, hypnotism

Yantra Kaam Paharann. Patthar Ko Vash Karann.

This is a famous saying among the Naath Yogis and in the ancient texts of the Naath sect. It means that if the Kaamdev Yantra is worn then even a rock hearted person can be hypnotised. Be it a man or a woman anyone can be influenced. The Yantra has special hypnotic powers by virtue of which anyone can be captivated. This is a wonderful instrument for mesmerising anyone. This ring is to be worn in the small finger.

If this ring is worn then in a few days one's personality becomes so attractive that it seems to have be magnetic. Suppose one is going to meet some senior official then if that person's eyes fall on the ring then the person proves favourable and follows the direction of the Sadhak.

Similarly if a lover attracts the attention of his beloved to the ring then she could be easily won over and she becomes willing to accept the relation. Similarly a girl could by the virtue of the power of the ring attract a boy. Married couples too could end all differences between them with the help of this ring.

In other words any man or woman could be made favourable with the help of this wonderful ring. One could keep a person under one's control all through life and get the desired work done through him or her. A businessman could captivate customers through it. One could keep a business partner favourable through this ring. In fact in every sphere of life this ring could prove helpful.

If one tries to hypnotise someone through this ring then it sure could be successful. One who wears this ring gains and enjoys all pleasures and comforts of life. It can also prove helpful in enhancing virility. For both men and women this ring is a wonderful spiritual gift.

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Gandharva Yantra - for early marriage and success in love

Whenever I used this ring in my life I got the desired result through it. Even the gods wear this ring.

Gandharva Saaraa Sansaaraa. Ab Sab Koi Hamaaraa.

These words once spoken by Guru Gorakhnath mean that with the help of Gandharva Yantra one could make the whole world favourable. One who wears it is able to fulfil all wishes and everything happens as one desires.

If a girl is of marriageable age and she is not able to get a good match or if a boy too is unable to find the right partner then by wearing this Yantra in form of a ring one is able to get the right match. If someone loves a person and the said individual does not respond to one's love then by wearing this ring one could enhance one's attraction and charm the other person easily. For getting married to the person of one's choice this ring is very wonderful in manifesting the desired result.

If after marriage one wishes for cordial relation between the couple then this ring can do the needful. If a girl wishes that her lover should not have a change of heart she should wear this ring. If two lovers want to maintain their love life long then this Yantra can prove very helpful.

In fact this ring is the beauty of life and it can be worn in the ring finger.

Very unfortunate are the individuals who have such wonderful Yantras but are still not able to benefit from them. This ring can be very helpful in making relations between the married couples sweet.

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Saraswati Yantra - for progress

Those who wish to succeed in examinations, those who want to have sharp brains, those who want to get promoted in a job, those who want to be famous writers and attain to fame and success in life should surely wear this Saraswati Yantra in the form of a ring. The ring is also unique in bringing success in interviews.

By wearing the ring the memory becomes sharp and one attains to success and fame in whatever one tries. Wear the ring in the forefinger. It is a must for students for becoming intelligent and succeeding in studies.

Special facts

Here facts related to some very important Yantras in the form of rings have been revealed. The texts of Tantra contain vital information related to them. In the ancient times even Yogis, Rishis used to wear such rings to get solutions to their problems.Even kings, princes, queens and great statesmen wore these rings in order to attain to success in life.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan September 2001 '39'

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