Cure by Sun rays!
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Sun is easily accessible to all. Through the sun rays many ailments could be cured. This is an amazing system of cure in Ayurved. It is famous not only in India but all over the world. In ancient Rome this system was very popular and it was called Heliotherapy and Chromopathy.

The capital of Italy, Rome is a very ancient city. The foundation of the city was laid by the god Romulas who lives in the mountain of Peletain. It is on his name that the city gets its title Rome.

According to the famous physician of Rome, Dr. Tilani in ancient Rome there was no physician for almost 600 years. The reason was that there was no need of a physician. The ancient people of Rome used sun rays, exercises and fresh air and water to keep themselves hale and hearty. In those days Rome was a very powerful kingdom.

According to the natural physician Dr. Remson The nature has gifted us with so many boons to keep the body healthy and for attaining to longevity. But we have forgotten these divine natural boons and we keep consuming poisonous medicines with so many side effects. By using medicines we not only waste money rather also ruin our health further. Don't we need to reflect upon this?

In the Roman language Helio means sun and therapy means a system of cure. In ancient Rome Heliotherapy or rays of the sun and their various colours were used to remedy several diseases and ailments. The use of colours for cure is called Chromopathy. Chromo means colour and pathy means system of cure.

All things are coloured. The stars and planets too emit certain colours. When the animals and birds in the wild get ill they imbibe sun rays early in the morning in order to cure themselves. Through sun bathing one can effect a cure without having to resort to medicines. But the unfortunate thing is that today humans are failing to benefit from this science.

Sun rays have many colours which make the air pure and destroy the microbes present in the atmosphere and the water. This goes on naturally and all by itself. The ancient Rishis used to worship the sun and realised that sun rays could help one regain lost health. Through the sun rays even chronic and old ailments could be cured permanently.

In the most ancient of texts, the Vedas there are verses dedicated to the sun. Worship of the sun was very popular in those times. The Gayatri Mantra that appears in the Vedas is a prayer to the sun god. In this Mantra a worshipper prays to sun to bestow intelligence. The Mantra is also called Savita Mantra that means Mantra of sun.

In Rigved it is said -

Riju Marteshu Drijinaa Cha Pashchan.

i.e. The sun is a witness to all good and bad actions of humans,

In the ancient times people used to take oath with sun as a witness. They then used to fear committing any sins.

The sun has been called the soul of the living as well as the non living world. It is said - Soorya Aatmaa Jagatast- asthushashcha

In Rigved it is said -

Noonam Sooryenn Prasootaa Ayannarthaani Krinnavannpaansi

i.e. It is sun that wakes one up from sleep. It is due to the sun that all can work and are active.

Rigved also states - All living beings of the creation depend on the sun. The sun removes physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses and makes one healthy and long lived. For ailments of the heart, eyes, jaundice, leprosy and weak mind sun could be helpful.

Atharvaved states that there are seven names of the sun which represent the seven rays of the sun. One of the names of sun is Sapt Rashmi or seven rays. The Rishis in the ancient times did deep research and Sadhanas and revealed that the sun has seven rays.

The theory of the wheel of seven colours propounded by Newton has been borrowed from the Vedas. According to modern science if the seven colours namely violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red are painted on a wheel and if the wheel is then rotated fast then one gets to see the white colour. This is why we see that the sun is white.

The seven colours of the sun are very good and important for the health. If early morning one has a bath and after offering prayers to the Lord one has sun bath and allows the sun rays to fall on one's body then one could free the body of all ailments and increase one's intelligence.

Following are the gains of sun ray therapy.

1. Where sun rays are allowed to fall there cannot be any ailment.

2. The sun rays are free of side effects. By the use of sun rays in fact the body could be made active and healthy and one could enjoy life to the full.

Describing the benefits of sun bathing and the effect of the various colours of the sun rays it is said -

Sooryataapah Swedavahah Sarvarog-vinaashakah.

Medachhed-karashcheiv balotsaah-vivardhanah.

Dadruvisfotkushtthgrah Kaamlaashoth-naashakah.

Jwaraatisaarshoolaanaam Haarako Naatra Sanshayah.

Kafpittodbhavaan Rogaan Vaatrogaanst-theiv cha.

Tatsevanaanaro Jitva Jeevechch Sharadaam Shatam.

i.e. The heat from the sun increases perspiration and removes all ailments. It also enhances body power and enthusiasm. It removes all imbalances of the three humours namely Vaat (air), Pitt (bile) and Kaf (cough). It also cures leprosy, fever, pain and weakness. Through sun ray therapy a person could attain victory over all diseases and become long lived. One can increase energy in the body and live to an age of hundred.

From the sun rays one gets vital life energy or Praann and also heat both of which make the body healthy and long lived. The sun rays are also instrumental in producing the ozone gas which protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Ozone increases the body power and makes the blood pure. It also makes the heart strong and the bones powerful.

In ancient Rome there used to be many solariums where sun ray therapy was done to remove ailments. Following is the method of sun ray therapy.

Bring pure water of the rain or of a mountain stream and fill it in bottles of various colours. Close the mouth of the bottle and seal with clay. Then place the bottles in sun. After two or three days the effect is produced in the water and the water becomes miraculous. It has the property of removing ailments. Make the patient drink a bit of the water daily and soon he would be free of all ailments.

According to the expert in this field Dr. Levit water from a red bottle energises the body. Such water also removes ailments of the skin.

Water from yellow bottle cures constipation and urinary disorders.

Water from blue bottle cures chronic skin diseases better than even potassium permagnate.

Water from orange bottle increases the appetite.

Water from green bottle cures ailments of eyes, influenza and Syphilis.

Water from indigo bottle makes blood pure and cures disorders of blood and liver.

Water from violet bottle cures ailments of nerves.

Following is the experience of some experts regarding this therapy.

1. If a patient suffering from small pox is made to lie in a red room and made to drink water from red bottle he becomes cured in a few days.

2. If one suffers from paralysis then too one should be put in a red room and made to drink red bottle water.

3. For hay-fever and for weak mind never use colour red or the person shall become more ill.

4. For those suffering from cold, liver disorders, constipation, jaundice, kidney trouble, bronchitis, pneumonia and disorders of the digestive tract water from yellow bottles should be used and one should be made to live in a yellow room.

5. For retardness of brain keep the person in a blue room and make him drink water from a blue bottle.

6. By keeping a person in a green room and by making him drink water from green bottle eye trouble could be cured and the mind made more sharp.

-Dr. Devidutt Aacharya (MD)

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan September 2001 '71'

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