Guru Yantra
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Tantram Mantramayam Proktam Mantraatmaa Devateiv Hi.

Dehaatmanoryathaa To Bhedo Yantra Devataayostathaa.

The body of the deity is known as Yantra and without worshipping a Yantra the deity cannot be appeased.

Guru Yantra is capable of removing all pains, afflictions and problems of one's life.

Just as there are houses for humans to live in similarly the deities too have special places earmarked for them. The pious home of a deity is known as Yantra. Yantras are also called as Devnagars or cities of deities in the texts. Not only the deity rather all His assistant ethereal beings and his powers live in the Yantra.

Thus Guru Yantra is not just a collection of strange lines rather it is the home to all the powers of the Guru. Without understanding this fact, success in Sadhanas remain doubtful. When invited to do so the Guru comes to reside in such a Yantra and helps the Sadhak fulfil all his wishes through His blessings.

Guru is the greatest treasure of the life of a disciple with the help of which the disciple ever remains prosperous. No soones does he make a wish the next moment it gets fulfilled. Although the first boon of Guru Sadhana is a spate of problems which are nothing but tests of the Guru to assay his faith, yet one who passes through these tests without complaining gains all that there is to in this life.

It is only after one has been through such tests that Guru finds a permanent place in one's heart. Only then does the true knowledge devolve upon a disciple on its own, only then does a disciple dive into the ocean of divine joy and only then do all paucities of his life disappear.

Without Guru Yantra success in no Sadhana is possible. A real Guru, his Guru Mantra and a consecrated, Mantra energised Guru Yantra is obtained when the fruit of one's Sadhanas, sacrifice, devotion and faith manifests.

The texts are evidence to it that merely by placing the Guru Yantra in one's house all problems and obstacles are removed and one starts to make quick progress to the highest echelons of success. It is only when a disciple becomes devoted and faithful that a Guru gifts him Guru Yantra. Every disciple should surely have a Guru Yantra in his home.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan August 2000 '68'

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