Indra The king of the Devtaas (Gods). The Lord of rains.
Ishavasyopnishad An ancient Indian text.
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Jagdamba ref. Bhagwati Jagdamba
Jeevan Mukti Siddhi A practice for achieving salvation.
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Kaam Beej The single lettered Mantra (Kleem) for endowing virility in a Sadhak.
Kaamdev The God of love, Cupid.
Kaamdhenu Vidya Kaamdhenu was the cow of the Gods, who could fulfil every wish. Thus Kaamdhenu Vidya denotes the knowledge through which everything can be obtained.
Kala Literally virtues. There are said to be thirty-two virtues or Kalas which only few spiritual saints possess.
Kali Mahakali, the Goddess who destroys all evils. An epithet of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.
Kalpa Vriksha A tree said to be in the heaven, by sitting under which all wishes are fulfilled.
Karam-kand The knowledge of various religious ceremonies and practices.
Karna A great warrior in the Mahabharat epic who used to give away enormous wealth in charity to the poor.
Kaya Kalp Gutika Miraculous pill of Samskarised mercury which can be used to transform old age into eternal youth.
Keemiyagiri A Persian word for Alchemy.
Kharal Mortar. In Paarad Samskars several mortars are used like mortar or iron, copper, mortar of an alloy of seven metals etc.
Khechari Vidya The spiritual accomplishment through which one becomes capable of flying in air, walking on water, reducing one's size, increasing one's size, becoming invisible etc.
Kori A low caste. The weavers and dyers.
Krishna An incarnation of Lord Vishnu who preached his philosophy in the form of Geeta. The hero of the battle of Mahabharat, Lord Krishna is worshipped all over the world by millions of devotees.
Kriya Lit: Process.
Kriya Yog The spiritual aspect of the science of Yog which consists of Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi.
Kuber The God of all the wealth present on this earth.
Kullira Attendant of Lord Shiva.
Kumbhak A step in Pranayam in which the air breathed in is retained for a long time.
Kundalini Kundalini Shakti or Kundalini power is the vital life force present in each human being, which when activated can instill miraculous powers in him and can help him in scaling great spiritual heights.
Kundalini Naad Brahma The activation of Kundalini produces a deep resonating vibration and a divine Naad or sound, in one's body which has been termed as Naad Brahma i.e. the divine resonance of Brahma.
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Lakh Also lac. Indian Unit of measure. One Lakh is equal to One Hundred Thousand
Lakshmi The Goddess of wealth and prosperity, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Also addressed as Bhagwati Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi.
Lakshmi Pati kriya One of the processes of preparation of gold.
Ling The upper torso of a Shivaling.
Loh Siddhi The process of converting cheap metals into gold.
Lok Lit:World. According to the Hindu beliefs there are three Loks or Worlds. Dev Lok- the heaven, Mrityu Lok- the earth and Paatal lok- the hell.
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Maa Mother.
Mahabharat The famous battle of Mahabharat took place between two clans, the Kauravs and the Pandavs, in the era of Lord Krishna. It was in that battle that Krishna revealed his true form to Arjun and gave sermons which are compiled as Geeta.
Mahadev Another name for Lord Shiva, meaning the foremost among all Gods.
Mahakali ref. Kali.
Maharaj Literally King. A title of respect.
Mahavidya The Goddess Shakti has several forms of which ten are said to be more prominent. The Sadhana of the Mahavidyas or the great accomplishments is said to bestow all round progress to life.
Mahavir Born in a royal family of Vaishali, Vardhaman Mahavir renounced the worldly life and became an ascetic. He is worshipped all over India as Lord Mahavir. His followers are called Jains.
Mahayogi A very highly accomplished Yogi.
Mahesh Another name of Lord Shiva.
Mandir A temple.
Mann Siddhi The accomplishment in which the mind and all senses are brought under total control.
Mantra Mantra Tantra and Yantra form three parts of the Indian system of Sadhanas without which all practices are incomplete. Mantra denotes the configuration of particular words which when chanted in a definite rhythm, produce miraculous resonant effects through which the whole nature and the universe can be controlled according to one's wish. The other two i.e. Tantra denotes an organised method of Sadhana practice and Yantra denotes the special figures and equipment used in the Sadhanas.
Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan The science of the three aspects of Sadhanas. A magazine by this name is the most authentic one available on this subject all over the world.
Mantra Shrishta The creator of Mantras. Lord Shiva is believed to have created all the Mantras.
Mudra Lit: Posture. Special language of the hands using Mudras i.e. signs made with fingers and the palm. It can also mean special methods for purification of mercury.
Muladhar The point or centre in the body where the Kundalini lies in a recumbent state.
Murchhavastha A state of mercury in which it becomes non-transient i.e. solid.
Musha A crucible.
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Nachiketa Nachiketa was a king's son who merely at the age of five years, through his determination, reached the Lord of death, Yama, and attained salvation by acquiring divine knowledge from him.
Nag Lit: Snake. It also denotes the metal lead.
Nalanda University An ancient Indian seat of learning which produced several learned scholars. It is considered as the first university ever established in the whole world.
Nandi The bull. Conveyance of Lord Shiva.
Nav Niddhi Niddhi means wealth. Nav Niddhi means unlimited wealth in form of the nine precious stones.
Nawab A noble man of the Mughal period. Same as a Duke in England and a Count in France.
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Omkara The sound of OM.
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Paara Mercury (impure form).
Paarad Mercury. Generally purified mercury is called Paarad. For all medicinal uses and for the formation of gold, the pure Samskarised mercury is used.
Paaradeshwar A Shivaling made of Samskarised mercury worshipped as a symbol of Lord Shiva.
Paardeshwari An idol of Lakshmi made of Paarad.
Paarad Gutika A pill of Samskarised mercury which has several medicinal uses. Several miraculous feats can be accomplished using it.
Paarad Lupta kriya The process of becoming invisible by using a Paarad Gutika.
Paarad Siddhi The accomplishment in the field of purification of mercury and preparation of gold from it.
Paarad Vigyan The science of Samskars of mercury and preparing gold from it.
Paarasmanni The stone with the Midas Touch which transforms iron into gold by its touch.
Padarth Vigyan The science of elements. Another name for the science of preparation of gold.
Para Brahma Beyond the state of Brahma or the ultimate divine state.
Paramhans A state of divine enlightenment. Also a title given to a highly spiritually elevated Yogi or saint.
Param Poojya Highly revered.
Parvati Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva.
Pashupat Sadhana Pashupat is another name for Lord Shiva and this is the Sadhana of Shiva.
Pauranic Pertaining to the era of the Purans. Purans are the ancient Indian scriptures. The age relating to that period in which the Purans were written is called as the Pauranic age.
Peepal The tree holy fig, which is worshipped by the hindus.
Prannayam The Yogic art of deep and slow breathing through which all ailments can be removed. It consists of three parts: deep inhaling called Poorak, retaining the air in the lungs, called Kumbhak and exhaling the impure air, called Rechak.
Prann Ras A special form of Samskarised mercury.
Prarambhik Diksha The first Diksha through which a Guru accepts a person as his disciple.
Puran Ancient Indian scriptures containing mythological tales of Gods and great saints.
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