December 2000 Issue Excerpts
Cover Page
Hypnotism Beauty Special
Aano Bhadraah Kratvo Yantu Vishwatah
A monthly magazine dedicated to all round development, progress of human life and resurrection of secret Indian sciences.
Light of the Soul
Om Param Tatvaay Naaraayannaay Gurubhyo Namah


Divine Discourse
Divine Quotations

Regular features
Power of hymns
  Lalitamba Stotra
Guiding torch for disciples
Health through Sadhanas contains
  Is your hair falling?
  Worried about your Impotence?
  Feel Physically Weak
  If you wish to win others try Hypnotism
  Is your child always ill, moody and weak
Choose the golden moment
Amazing daily rituals
What your stars say
Sadhanas directly under Gurudev's guidance
Sadhana Camps & Diksha ceremonies at a glance

Bhagwati Saraswati
Patience bears the Sweetest Fruit
Divine Shade beckons
Hypnotism Youth Beauty

Megha Saraswati Sadhana
  For Intelligence & Knowledge in Children
Vaageshwari Sadhana
  For Job and Promotion
Vaartaali Sadhana
  For Success in Trade & Business
Gouri Saraswati Sadhana
  For Sweetness in Family Life & Love
Bhagwati Sharada Sadhana
  Bestower of Yog, Knowledge & Eight Divine Powers
Aakarshan Sadhana
Sammohan Sadhana
Surya Sadhana
Lalitamba Sadhana
Panchanguli Sadhana
  For Success in Astrology

Kumbh mega festival
True Meaning of Knowledge
New Year Invitation