Sadhana Materials

All prices include postage & handling charges and are International Prices. Please contact Jodhpur Gurudham by email/letter/phone/fax to get Indian Prices for India and other SAARC countries (Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan/ Maldives/ Burma).

Thousands of different Sadhanas have been published in various issues of Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine. There are hundreds of different Sadhana Procedures (Vidhis) to accomplish same Sadhana. The Sadhana process, Sadhana materials, Mantras, usage of Sadhana articles etc. are different for each Sadhana Procedure. Moreover each Sadhana article (eg. rosary, yantra etc.) is specially energised and consecrated by relevant Mantras for a specific Sadhana Procedure.

Different Sadhana Vidhis (Procedures) for performing same Sadhana are published in various issues of Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine. Each magazine issue contains detailed description & Procedure for various Sadhanas. The Sadhana materials are prepared according to the Sadhanas published in the Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine and books authored by Revered Gurudev. The availability, content and price of Sadhana packets are dependent on the individual Sadhanas.

This list contains less than One Percent of the available Sadhana articles. Only some common Sadhana articles and the Sadhana Packet details for Sadhanas appearing in latest magazine issues have been listed here. Please contact Jodhpur Gurudham for more details.

All the Sadhna articles (Rosaries, Yantras etc.) are sanctified, consecrated and energised by our pundits during auspicious moments for particular Sadhna. We do "Prana Prathistha" of all the Sadhna articles and make them more energised by performing specific "Cheitanya Puja" on all the articles. So, the chances of success in the Sadhna are increased manifold.

You should contact the Jodhpur Gurudham for getting Sadhna articles/books/cassettes etc. by post. Alternatively, you may buy them over the counter from our Delhi Gurudham or from the counters at the Sadhna Camps.

If you live in India, then you may send us a email/letter/fax mentioning your address and details of required items. We will send it by VPP. Alternatively, as VPP rates have increased recently, you may send us a Bank Draft of "Total cost of items" plus Rs. 60 (postage charges), then we will send the items by registered post. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 20-30% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

Sadhaks living in other SAARC countries (Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan/ Maldives/ Burma) can get Sadhana articles/books/cassettes etc. at the Indian price by sending a bank draft. Please add around 20-30% as Postal charges. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 30-40% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

If you live outside India/other SAARC countries, then you may purchase the Sadhna articles/books/cassettes etc. at the International Price by sending a bank draft. The overseas postage & handling charges are included in the International prices.

The Bank Draft should be in favour of "Mantra Shakti Kendra" payable at Jodhpur,India and should be sent to Jodhpur Gurudham address.

The Jodhpur Gurudham address is Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan, Dr. Shrimali Marg, High Court Colony, Jodhpur 342001, Rajasthan, India. The Telephone number is +91-(0291)-2432209/2433623 and telefax number is +91-(0291)-2432010.

Please do not enclose cash in letter for payment. It is both risky and illegal

The Sadhana Packet details for Sadhanas appearing in latest issues have been listed towards the end here.

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Gurudev Photo (various sizes) 5.00, 11.00, 24.00
Audio Compact Discs 8.00
Audio Cassettes 5.00
Video Cassettes 50.00
Sfatik Rosary 70.00
Roodraksh Rosary (big beads) 70.00
Roodraksh Rosary (small beads) 70.00
Guru Hridayasth Rosary 85.00
Guru Rahasya Rosary 70.00
Saubhagaya (Good Luck) Rosary 40.00
Aakarshan (attraction) Rosary 35.00
Sammohan Rosary 40.00
Vashikaran Rosary 35.00
Nikhileshwaranand Cheitanya Rosary 40.00
Arogaya Rosary 35.00
Veijayanti Rosary 50.00
Khadak Rosary 35.00
Bhuvneshwari Khadak Rosary 55.00
Paarad (mercury) Rosary 190.00
Kamalgatta Rosary 35.00
Saraswati Rosary 35.00
Rajyabhishek Rosary 70.00
Red Moonga Rosary 35.00
Black Hakeek Rosary 35.00
Yellow Hakeek Rosary 35.00
Red Hakeek Rosary 35.00
Blue Hakeek Rosary 35.00
Vidyut Rosary 35.00
Guru Yantra 35.00
Paarad (Mercury) Guru Yantra 35.00
Shree Yantra (Copper) 55.00
Shree Yantra (Mercury) 70.00
Kuber Yantra 55.00
MahaLakshmi Yantra 55.00
SarvKarya Siddhi Yantra 55.00
Kanakdhara Yantra 55.00
Shiv Yantra 28.00
Ganpati Yantra 55.00
Navgrah Yantra (wearable) 50.00
Navgrah Yantra 50.00
Arogaya Yantra 55.00
Vaastu Yantra 35.00
Mahamritunjaya Yantra 35.00
Das Mahavidya Yantra 120.00
Chinnmasta Yantra 55.00
Tripur Sundari Yantra 55.00
Baglamukhi Yantra 55.00
MahaKali Yantra 55.00
Trishakti Yantra 50.00
Bheirav Yantra 55.00
Hanuman Yantra 55.00
Saraswati Yantra 40.00
Indrakshi Yantra 55.00
Akarshan (Attraction) Yantra 55.00
Vashikaran Yantra (small) 70.00
Vashikaran Yantra (big) 140.00
Guru Ring 30.00
Paarad (Mercury) Ring 25.00
Paarad Shivlinga (5 tola) 70.00
Paarad Shivlinga (11 tola) 140.00
Paarad Shivlinga (21 tola) 350.00
Narmadeshwar Shivlinga 40.00
Crystal Shivlinga 70.00
Swetark Ganpati 70.00
Vijay Ganpati 70.00
Paarad (Mercury) Ganpati 70.00
Paarad Lakshmi 80.00
Saraswati Kavach 35.00
Baglamukhi Kavach 140.00
Dhoomavati Kavach 140.00
Kali Kavach 140.00
Lama Kavach 140.00
Siyarsinghi 35.00
Trilohi Gutika 14.00
Bheirav Gutika 18.00
Tantrokt Nariyal 18.00
Dakshinavarti Sankh 50.00
Moti Sankh 30.00
Madhuroopen Rudraksh 30.00
Panchmukhi Rudraksh 20.00
Gorishankar Rudraksh 24.00
Guru Chadar 35.00
Dhoti (various colors) 40.00
Asana (various colors) 9.00
September '01 Sadhanas  
Indraani Sadhana - Indraanni Yantra, Saafalya Gutika and Eishwarya Siddhi (Kamalgatta) rosary 90.00
Koumari Sadhana - Koumaari Yantra, Neelaashma rosary 80.00
Vijay Dashmi Sadhana - Bheirav Sadhana - four Bheirav Chakras, Vijay rosary 110.00
Vijay Dashmi Sadhana - Lakshmi Sadhana - 21 Kamal Beejs, red coral rosary 70.00
Success through Sadhanas - Bhaagya Baadhaa Nivaarann Yantra 80.00
Success through Sadhanas - Bheishaj and Trivalaa 40.00
Success through Sadhanas - Shand 30.00
Success through Sadhanas - Sammohan rosary 40.00
Success through Sadhanas - Guru Rahasya Siddhi rosary 40.00
Amazing Yantras - Chhatisa Yantra 40.00
Amazing Yantras - Choubisaa Yantra 35.00
Amazing Yantras - Kaamdev Yantra 40.00
Amazing Yantras - Gandharva Yantra 35.00
Amazing Yantras - Saraswati Yantra 30.00
August '01 Sadhanas  
Mahakali Sadhana : Mahakali Yantra, Black Hakeek rosary 90.00
Pratyangira Sadhana : Pratyangira Yantra, Black Hakeek rosary 90.00
Kamakhya Saadhana : Kamakshi Yantra, Kaam Roop rosary, Sixteen Kaam Beejs 100.00
Shodashi Stotra Sadhana : Raajmaatangeeshwari Yantra and 48 Kamalgatta Beejs 100.00
Pitreshwar Sadhana : Five Someshwar Rudraksh, Five Laghu Nariyals, Vidyut rosary, Silver snake 80.00
Sadhanas for Marriage - Bhuvaneshwari Vivaah Prayog : Bhuvaneshwari Yantra, Sfatik Rosary 100.00
Sadhanas for Marriage - Gandharva Raaj Chetana Prayog : Siddhi Gandharva Tabeej, Siddhi Chakra, Vishvaasu Manni rosary 100.00
Sadhanas for Marriage - Poornna Grihasth Sukh Prayog : 21 Maya Beejs, Five Kaamya Siddhiphals, Sfatik Rosary 140.00
Navraatri Durga Poojan : Durga Yantra, Veidoorya and Siddhi rosary 80.00
July '01 Sadhanas  
Saraswati Sadhana : Saraswati Yantra and Vigya rosary 80.00
Sadhana for beauty : Soundaryotama Yantra and Soundarya rosary 80.00
Paarad Ganpati : Paarad Ganpati and red coral rosary 120.00
Riddance from tension : Sabar Siddhi Yantra 160.00
Health through Sadhanas : Soundarya 25.00
Health through Sadhanas : Siddhi Phal 25.00
Health through Sadhanas : Rativallabha 30.00
Health through Sadhanas : Rognaashak Yantra 35.00
Health through Sadhanas : Dhanvantri Yantra, Goraksh rosary 75.00
May '01 Sadhanas  
Vishnnu Sadhana : Vishnnu Yantra, five Kamal Beejs and Veijayanti rosary 85.00
Dharmaraj Siddhi Sadhana : 11 Hakeek stones, 11 Gomti Chakras and black Hakeek rosary 110.00
Health through Sadhanas : Manokaamna Poorti Yantra 45.00
Health through Sadhanas : Soundarya Gutika, Cheitanya rosary 35.00
Health through Sadhanas : Gopal Gutika 25.00
Health through Sadhanas : Jadvera, black Hakeek rosary 45.00
Health through Sadhanas : Kaarya Siddhi Gutika 20.00
April '01 Sadhanas  
Guru Sthapan Prayog : Guru Hridyasth Sthapan Yantra and a Saafalya rosary 85.00
Mannibhadra Sadhana : Mannibhadra Yantra and Navmanni rosary 80.00
Health through Sadhanas : Taarak Beej 15.00
Health through Sadhanas : Prakeertitaa 15.00
Health through Sadhanas : Nagarjun 15.00
Health through Sadhanas : Vidyut rosary 35.00
Health through Sadhanas : Kritvaa Gutika 15.00
Sadhana of Sun and Saturn : Surya Yantra, Surya rosary, Shani Yantra and Shani Saafalya rosary 120.00
March '01 Sadhanas  
Veer Sadhana : Veer Siddhi Yantra, Coral rosary 85.00
Worship of Durga : Navdurga Yantra, Navdurga rosary, Navshakti Beej 85.00
Yantras based on numbers : Pandrahiya Yantra 40.00
Yantras based on numbers : Chhatisa Mudrika 45.00
Yantras based on numbers : Beesa Yantra 60.00
Yantras based on numbers : Pichyaasiya Yantra 80.00
Yantras based on numbers : Sittariya Yantra 65.00
Sadhana of 64 forms of Shakti : Tantrokt Nariyal, Chounsatth Shakti Yantra, Siddh Shakti rosary 85.00
Narsingh Sadhana : Narsingh Yantra, Naarsinghi rosary 80.00
Amazing daily rituals : Panchamukhi Rudraksh 25.00
February'01 Sadhanas  
Holi Megafestival : Stabak 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Shriyaa 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Nagarjun 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Roobam 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Bajrang Vigrah 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Srak 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Veshtann 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Jaguna 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Abola 35.00
Holi Megafestival : Betuna 40.00
Holi Megafestival : Raktaabh Rosary 35.00
Holi Megafestival : Braatya 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Khatbeeda 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Kratva 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Ankad 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Swanit 15.00
Holi Megafestival : Shousheelya 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Sogunni 10.00
Holi Megafestival : Annapoornna Shankh 30.00
Holi Megafestival : Gomati Chakra (each) 5.00
Holi Megafestival : Sonnvalli 30.00
Holi Megafestival : Shree Gutika 40.00
Durga Sadhana : Mahadurga Yantra, Shakti Khadak 100.00
Dhoomavati Sadhana : Dhoomavati Yantra, Deergha rosary, Aghora Gutika 85.00
Siddheshwari Sadhana : Siddheshwari Yantra, nine Nakshtram 65.00
Narsingh Sadhana : Narsingh Yantra, Naarsinghi rosary 80.00
Amazing daily rituals : Baglamukhi Gutika 20.00
Amazing daily rituals : Gomati Chakra 5.00
Health through Sadhanas : Hemanga 15.00
Health through Sadhanas : Guru Rahasya Siddhi rosary 80.00
Health through Sadhanas : Eight coral beads 15.00
Health through Sadhanas : Cheitanya rosary 40.00
Health through Sadhanas : Sarva Kaarya Siddhi rosary 40.00
January'01 Sadhanas  
Bhoot Siddhi Mukti Prayog : Taamra Sarpa, Bhoot Bandh Chetak, Black Hakeek rosary 70.00
Pashupataastrey Sadhana : Indra or Bann Ling Rudraksh rosary 85.00
Pashupataastrey Sadhana : 108 Kamal Beejs 40.00
Pashupataastrey Sadhana : 108 Gomti Chakras 130.00
Pratyangira Sadhana : Pratyangira Yantra, black Hakeek rosary 80.00
Uchchishtth Ganpati Sadhana : Uchchisht Ganpati Siddhi Yantra and Tantrokt rosary 80.00
Worship of Shiva : Siddhi Pradayak Shivaling, Ekadash Rudra Ratna, Paarvati Kriyamaann, Aananad Saafalya and Siddheshwar Rudraksh rosary 110.00
Kuber Yantra : Kuber Yantra 80.00
Amazing Daily Rituals : Siddhi Gutika 30.00
Amazing Daily Rituals : Bheirav Gutika 30.00
What your stars say : Saraswati Yantra 80.00

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